À la carte



King Crab Soup 15,50€
-Creamy king crab soup with king crab fennel salad


Ice cellar marinated white fish 14,50€
-Served with sesame mayonnaise and pickled fennel & apple


Beetroot Carpaccio 13€
-Served with goat cheese and walnut vinaigrette


Main courses:


Reindeer Topside 38,50€
-Reindeer topside with celeriac pyre and red wine juniper sauce


Fried Salmon 33,50€
-Fried salmon served with spinach and brown butter sauce


Flank steak 35,50€
-Beef flank steak served with bacon, bearnaise sauce and brussels sprouts


Cep Risotto 26,50€
-Creamy cep risotto with crispy kale.




Blueberry Crème Brule 11,50€
-Served with pickled blueberries


Chocolate Brownie 11,50€
-Chocolate brownie with caramel sauce


Local Arctic Ice Cream 4€/Scoop


Kids Menu:

Meatballs 12,90€
Meatballs with creamy sauce and mashed potatoes


Salmon 13,50€
Fried salmon, bearnaise-sauce served with French fries


Chicken Basket 12,90€
Breaded chicken fillet, French fries and mayonnaise